Trucking HR Canada accepting applications for Top Fleet Employers Program

Trucking HR Canada

OTTAWA, Ont.— Applications are now being accepted for Trucking HR Canada’s 5th annual Top Fleet Employers program, that recognizes fleets and companies who showcase a commitment to going above and beyond in their human resources practices.

Applications and online submissions deadline is January 31, 2018.

The Top Fleet Employers program is open to any Canadian fleet, and recognizes employers that meet Trucking HR Canada’s standards of excellence in human resources for the trucking industry. There is no limit to the number or size of fleets which can be honoured.

The Top Fleet Employers program rates workplaces on recruitment and retention initiatives, compensation, lifestyle, employee engagement and communications, health and wellness, and professional development, while bringing together fleets of all sizes and from all regions of the country to co-operatively celebrate great trucking and logistics industry workplaces. In addition to the online application and document submission, the process also involves employee surveys and follow-up interviews where required. Selection criteria reflect human resources issues, trends and working environments seen in the Canadian trucking industry, and have been validated by a panel of industry experts and a Certified Human Resources Professional.

“Successful fleets across the country see the value this program offers – from recruitment and retention, marketing, employee engagement to benchmarking their HR programs and practices – participating fleets are reaping the benefits of being recognized as leaders amongst their peers,” said Isabelle Hétu, director, programs and services at Trucking HR Canada. “This is critical for an industry that seeks to attract the skilled labor it needs and showcases the trucking and logistics sector as a great place to work!”