Truck convoys in support of oil & gas industry continue across Western Canada

Truck convoys kept on moving through Western Canada this previous week in help of the oil and gas industry. In Estevan, Sask., around 450 trucks overwhelmed the avenues on Saturday, an escort sorted out by nearby transporter Bert Baxter Transport. Prescription Hat, Alta., saw its very own truck guard, with reports demonstrating an expected 650 aggregate vehicles, including business trucks, participating in the caravan. Challenges started in Calgary about seven days back to bring issues to light of Bill C-69, which would improve the National Energy Board, and Bill C-48, restricting oil tanker traffic on B.C’s. northern drift. The principal truck guard was seen in Grande Prairie, Alta., Dec. 16, and after that again in Nisku, Alta., Dec. 20 with an expected more than 700 trucks participating.