What are some tips for starting a career as a truck driver?

Beginning truck drivers must meet minimal educational requirements, have a good driving record, understand the basic mechanics of driving a truck and obtain a commercial driver’s license at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Truck drivers must also pass the written and physical portions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety exam. Attending a quality truck driving school is a good way to learn everything needed to earn a CDL.

Most trucking companies prefer drivers who have a high school diploma or drivers who can show proof of passing a general educational development test. Trucking companies value responsible drivers, so driving carefully to avoid tickets for reckless driving or speeding is a must. One mark on a driving record for driving under the influence is enough to diminish any chance of being hired to work for a majority of companies.

Truck driving is a rigorous profession, and one of the best ways to prepare is to attend a good truck driving school, where novice truck drivers learn the basics of operating big rig trucks, including truck mechanics and inspection.

Once truck driving skills are mastered, new drivers can take the state CDL test. Regardless of what type of load is being carried, drivers must put safety above all else while on the road.

Making friends with the trucking company dispatcher can lead to more driving work and better pay.