Thermo King introduces electric APU, Connected Precedent

ATLANTA, Ga. – Thermo King demonstrated two new items at the North American Commercial Vehicle appear, including an electric-controlled helper control unit (APU) and an associated trailer refrigeration unit (TRU).
The all-electric APU, the TriPac Envidia, offers the business’ longest run time, Thermo King said. An in-taxi control enables the driver to set the temperature and screen battery charge level. It will be accessible for buy in mid 2018, the organization said.
Thermo King additionally reported that start in 2018, its Precedent TRUs will be manufacturing plant furnished with TracKing telematics. This will enable armadas to effectively screen and break down their refrigerated operations and guarantee temperature control, the organization said.
“Our remote connectivity, best-in-class mobile apps, and data gathering allows fleet managers to transform their operations and make their fleets more predictable and traceable,” said Dane Taival, vice-president and general manager, Thermo King North America, “which ultimately helps grow their business by driving greater optimization.”
Customers will be able to use a mobile app to manage cargo temperatures, monitor the reefer, and respond to alerts.
“Connected products like the Precedent, which keep actionable data at our customers’ fingertips, are the cornerstone of Thermo King’s digital strategy,” Taival said. “We recognize the value of intelligent products and services for our customers and we will continue to build on our data-driven intelligent services platform to remain at the forefront of the industry.”
The Thermo King Reefer mobile app is available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.