Tandet and Harmac Transportation Win NTTC Safety Awards

Tandet and Harmac Transporation Win NTTC Safety Awards

The National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) have announced their annual Safety Awards. Two
Canadian trucking companies, Tandet and Harmac Transportation, are winners in the 2022
North American Safety Contest Grand Champions.

This esteemed award recognizes tank truck operations in North America with the best safety program and record for the year. Part of the NTTC's mission is to champion safety and success in the tank truck industry, and this award recognizes the gold standard.

Tandet and Harmac Transport won 2 or the 3 Grand Champions awards, something for these Canada Carriers to be incredibly proud of.

The Competitive Safety Contest is open to all for-hire tank truck carrier members and tank truck private fleet members of NTTC and in good standing with the association. Carriers and private fleets compete in mileage class categories of relative size. The Competitive Safety Contest portion is conducted in two rounds to determine the safest tank truck for-hire carrier or tank-truck private fleet.

In round one, three awards, Grand, Honor, and Merit, recognized each for-hire carrier and
private fleet in their respective mileage class. Round two will determine the North American
Champion in the Harvison Division (over 15 million miles) and the Sutherland Division (under 15 million miles).

This year’s competition features rule changes, including a third, separate Safety Award for
private fleets.

The Grand Champions of the contest were announced during this year's NTTC Annual
Conference held this May in Boston, Mass.

“We congratulate Gemini Motor Transport, Tandet, and Harmac Transportation for their
remarkable achievements in safety. Their dedication, leadership, and continuous pursuit of
excellence serve as an inspiration to the entire transportation community,” said Ryan Streblow, president & CEO of the NTTC.

We can be proud of the enviable safety records and achievements of these two Canadian
trucking firms. Well done!

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