Seeing the Sights

Long-haul drivers cover incredible distances and are able to see many beautiful sights through their windshields.  However, trucking is no vacation, and there is often precious little time for anything other than rest and work when you’re out on the road.

There are small ways to experience some of the wonders of the highway, though, without taking time away from work.  Many highway rest areas where trucks can stop for breaks contain small tourist information billboards and lookouts, and many people take road trips just to stop at the attractions which are close to the road.

A simple way to gain some appreciation for the world around you is to take the time to read the roadside tourist/history signs at rest areas along with checking out viewpoints along the way.  It may not feel like much of a break, but small micro-breaks can help disrupt the monotony of a long haul and help you see more than what your windshield has to offer.