Regular 5th Wheel Grease

Unless you are using a grease-free 5th wheel, get comfortable with greasing the plate on a regular basis.  Whether you are pulling the same trailer constantly or changing all the time, you need to regularly grease the 5th wheel for optimum performance.

Before hooking to a trailer, check the trailer’s apron and see if it has grease on it.  Even if you recently greased your 5th wheel, a dry trailer will require extra grease so add more to your plate as needed.

If you pull the same trailer and rarely unhook, make sure you still split your unit and grease at least every two weeks; more if the weather is wet or if your company/manufacturer requires more.  If a 5th wheel is too dry, it can make steering the vehicle very difficult and the units can possibly rust-lock together.  This not only damages equipment, but can lead to a dangerous on-road situation.