Post trip Inspection

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We all know how important it is to perform a proper pre trip inspection, but it’s equally important to do a post trip inspection, especially when you’re dropping the trailer.  This way you can identify and report any minor or major defects so they can be addressed and corrected before the trailer is dispatched again.  As a driver, there is little more annoying than hooking up to a trailer and finding issues during a pre trip that should have been found and reported by the previous driver. When the next driver finds these defects, it causes delays in his trip, and causes the shop to pull mechanics off another job to make the repairs on demand. Had the defects been reported when they trailer was dropped, the repairs could have easily been scheduled and completed before the next driver hooked up to it. To combat the problem, some companies have started disciplining drivers for not reporting defects and others have started inspecting trucks and trailers every time they enter the yard. Some companies are even inspecting equipment before they leave the yard. As a rule, every time you stop, you should walk around the truck and check all the lights are working, and clear of snow, all the tires are inflated, lug nuts are in place, hubs aren’t too hot. I also kick the snow accumulation off the mud flaps when it builds up. If it falls off at highway speed, it can cause someone to panic swerve and cause an accident.