OTA, MTA Appeal to City of Thunder Bay

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA), working in collaboration with the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce and the Manitoba Trucking Association, is soliciting the City from Thunder Bay to reevaluate the arrangement choice of assigning Dawson Avenue and Arthur Street a network security zone and rather lower speed restricts and acquaint photograph radar with support authorization these new speed limits. At the point when OTA showed up before Council in January, some city staff announced that Thunder Bay would not be given the expert to present photograph radar in the quick future. In any case, says Ontario Trucking Association president Stephen Laskowski, OTA counseled with the Ministry of Transportation, and that does not have all the earmarks of being the situation. Amid OTA’s assignment on January 21, city authorities were asked by board to elucidate the capacity to assign the Dawson Road/Arthur Street highway a network wellbeing zone and introduce photograph radar to implement brought down speed limits. In rundown, city authorities expressed that Council would not have the capacity to move promptly on such an approach as commonplace directions relating to this issue had not gotten last endorsements and that it was idea this arrangement idea was being restricted to a City of Toronto test case program. In view of these actualities, city authorities closed the presentation of photograph radar would be a delayed procedure and would not give the city a progressively quick answer for tackling its continuous business vehicle wellbeing issues in the zone. Since that Council meeting, OTA has reached Ontario Ministry of Transportation authorities and have gotten the accompanying data:

The Highway Traffic Act has been changed to enable regions to execute photograph radar inside an assigned Community Safety Zone. The related directions for ticket handling are not yet set up. The present deadline for the usage of the control is the finish of 2019. The City of Thunder Bay can partake in the direction arrangements as a feature of the operational system improvement aggregate that is being sorted out through the Ontario Traffic Council.

OTA has composed all committee individuals to share this data and is firmly promising the City of Thunder Bay to work with the Ontario Traffic Council to build up Dawson Road/Arthur Street as a network wellbeing zone and introduce photograph radar as an answer for improving street security in the City of Thunder Bay. “For over 10 years, OTA has been informed that the business vehicle security issue the City of Thunder Bay wishes to determine is truck speeds along Dawson Road/Arthur Street. The proposed new truck course does not resolve the issue of truck speeds, however the OTA proposition to assign parts of the present truck highway a network security zone, implemented by photograph radar does,” said Laskowski.

OTA is likewise inspecting the large number of clashing reports with respect to truck tallies in the zone and the effects to nearby traffic by the proposed new truck course. OTA will be issuing a write about the proposed truck course to gathering before their next gathering.