OTA Desires Industry’s Made-In-Ontario Carbon Reduction Solution

Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) says the trucking industry must continue to do its part in reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality following the cancellation of the Ontario Cap and Trade system. Appearing before the committee reviewing Bill 4: Cap and Trade Cancellation Act 2018, OTA reminded the committee the trucking industry utilizes the most environmentally-regulated engine and capital equipment in the freight transportation sector — costing the industry billions in green investments, which, from a carbon-cutting perspective, will eliminate the equivalent of 22 million cars from the road.

“Removing the additional carbon costs in diesel fuel is a policy which makes a lot of sense, as our sector is already employing the most regulated pollution and carbon-reduction equipment and we currently don’t have any viable technological alternatives to diesel engines,”

said OTA spokesperson Marco Beghetto. “Trucking companies exist in a hyper-competitive international market space, and with fuel being our second leading cost, companies already have immense market pressures to be fuel efficient and reduce our carbon footprint. Repealing the Ontario cap and Trade System will allow the OTA and the Government of Ontario an opportunity to implement an environmentally- and cost-effective, Made-in-Ontario plan for the trucking industry. OTA suggested the Government of Ontario consider a number of environmental measures which will strike a balance between the growing the economy and protecting the environment, including, among other things, developing a roadmap to identify suitable alternative diesel technologies and fuels along with an investment plan as well as supporting the government of Ontario announcement enforce anti-tampering of heavy truck emissions control technology. “There are a number of environmental measures related to our sector that can reduce red tape, clean the environment, and make Ontario’s trucking businesses more competitive,” added Beghetto. “OTA looks forward to working with the government in improving our sector’s environmental and economic performance.”