Ontario Supports Workers, Municipalities and Retailers in the Fight against COVID-19

Ontario’s government ensured freight movement by trucks to keep the province moving even in the COVID-19 crisis. The province’s orders to postpone municipal regulations imposed to limit local deliveries to make certain off-peak deliveries, initiated flexible supply chain.

OTA (Ontario Trucking Association) president Stephen Laskowski said, “This off-peak delivery measure is a piece of the puzzle during these challenging times.” Douglas Robert Ford, Premier of Ontario since 2018, has ordered the closure of all non-essential workplaces in Ontario amid the novel corona virus pandemic, showing that the government is working with OTA to ensure that much needed goods could be delivered by hard working people in the trucking industry.

Trucking industry is always ready to work to keep Canada moving even at the time of such crisis. Some local regulations restrict deliveries during certain times. Ontario Trucking Association is looking forward to a permanent after-hours delivery program which would reduce peak hour congestion, fuel costs and GHG emissions by working in collaboration with the province and munipalities.

While off –peak deliveries would require shippers and receivers to arrange staff for off-peak hours, OTA encourages shippers to closely work with carriers on off-peak deliveries. This practice would prove beneficial to all working parties to deliver goods at night time by which social interaction and distance can be implemented better.

This off-peak delivery measure will be practiced for coming 18 months or at the discretion of Premier.