Mega Job Fair Event on March 24, 2018

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    Driver Shortage 

    A shortage of truck drivers across industries is hampering the businesses nationwide, shipments have been delayed for one reason or another but based on recent reports from DOT it is primarily because of driver shortage in trucking industry.

    People have been talking about labour issues for awhile, it’s just getting more acute now. Driver shortage is expected to reach 34,000 or as much as 48,000 by 2024. That includes about 14,000 in Ontario and about the same number in Quebec.

    So What are you waiting for Register with us today
    Exhibit on March 24 at the Ontario’s biggest hiring event for trucking industry and fill your driving seats..

    60+ major fleets are participating. Its a free parking,Free entry event for the job seekers.Lucky draw will create some enthusiasm.

    Few ways employers can benefit from attending a job fair:

    1. You gain access to a large number of candidates in a one-stop environment.
    2. You canincrease brand awareness.
    3. You have an opportunity to meet with non-traditional candidates
    4. You can meet and network with other corporations.

    What all you can do to get the best results for your hiring needs

    • Bring useful and original materials.
    • Set up an eye-catching booth that will attract job seekers.
    • Move from behind the table.
    • Clearly identify the job openings within your company.
    • Be open to all majors and backgrounds.
    • Don’t just refer job seekers to your website.
    • Utilize the alumni within your organization

    For more inquiries and to book your booth space call our sales coordinator Naveen Nav @ +1-647-818-2121 or visit to register online.