Manitoulin donates $100K to Canadian Nature Conservancy

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Manitoulin Transport uncovered today that it has given an aggregate of $100,000 to Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) with the current year’s yearly occasion blessing.
The vehicle organization says the assets will be utilized to help NCC convey on its order to preserve and secure regular territories in Canada of biological centrality.
“We are enchanted to proceed with our support of NCC — a very regarded association known to deliver unmistakable results,” said Jeff Smith, official VP, Manitoulin Transport and Manitoulin Group of Companies. “Our organization is national in extension and we think profoundly about the groups crosswise over Canada where we work together and where our staff and clients live. The occasions are a period for giving and it just bodes well to bolster NCC in their command of nature protection which benefits every one of us and adjusts to our organization’s center benefit of working with uprightness.”

“As a transportation and logistics company, we fully understand that just one breakdown in a chain can unsettle an entire process,” said Smith. “Nature operates in a similar way, which is why we take steps to operate our business in a socially responsible manner and to limit our impact on the environment. In fact, Manitoulin Transport is the first transportation company in Canada to be certified in ISO 14001 — a world-renowned environmental management standard. Contributing to NCC enables us to go a step further and help protect ecologically important land in Canada and the species that call it home — for its intrinsic value, and for the benefit and enjoyment of generations to come. We hope our support of NCC inspires others to do the same.”


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