The Manitoba government will push ahead with its Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan, without a carbon assess, Premier Brian Pallister declared today.

A year ago, the Manitoba government got lawful counsel that the central government has the sacred capacity to force a carbon impose, yet just on territories that don’t actualize plans of their own. In the wake of counseling with a large number of Manitobans, specialists and partners, the territory discharged its Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan a year prior. Extra conferences proceeded after the arrival of the arrangement.

“Our Made-in-Manitoba plan proposed a flat, fixed tax rate that would provide stability to consumers, business, industry and agriculture,”

said Pallister.  “It would save Manitoba families and businesses more than $260 million over five years, compared to the Ottawa plan.  Most importantly, all monies collected under our plan would be returned to Manitobans, in the form of tax reductions.” Immediately after unveiling its climate and green plan, and on numerous occasions thereafter, the Manitoba government sought the federal government’s assurance that it would not impose its escalating carbon tax plan over and above the Manitoba tax.  That assurance has not been given.

“Ottawa acknowledged that our plan is the best in Canada,” said the premier.  “But they have also stated that they will impose their higher – and rising – carbon tax on Manitobans after one year.  This would mean twice the tax, for poorer results.  That would threaten jobs and economic growth throughout our province and take money off the kitchen tables of Manitoba families.” Pallister noted Manitoba’s plan focuses on four pillars of cleaner water, conservation of natural areas, effective steps to address climate change, and strengthening the economy.  It is a plan that will continue investments in renewable energy, while encouraging Manitobans to reduce their energy consumption.  Manitoba’s plan will make a significant and lasting positive impact on the environment, he said. “We are standing up for Manitobans, by saying ‘yes’ to Manitoba’s green plan, and ‘no’ to a carbon tax.”