In-Truck Office Supplies

Truck drivers today are often expected to be proficient with a variety of electronic devices.  From cell phones to in-truck dispatching systems, trucking is full of communication and business devices meant to increase efficiency for drivers and businesses.

A driver can do many things for themselves to better set up their truck to act as their on-road office.  Most sleepers offer enough space for devices like a laptop, small printer, and scanner.  If you have an inverter for 120 volt power, great.  If not, most office-type electronics can run off of 12 volt power if you have the right adapters and cables.

A laserjet WiFi printer that pairs to your phone and/or laptop can be extremely useful when out on the road.  While the world is moving towards electronic documentation, many permits and other paperwork related to trucking are still sometimes needed on paper.  A cheap printer can further reduce your reliance on truck stop services to conduct your professional and personal business while out on the road.