Important Career Advice for Truck Drivers

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Trucking is an industry of transient workers.  This is especially true of truck drivers.  It is not uncommon to see multiple jobs held by a driver within a short period of time.  Since drivers are in high demand, it is easy for them to move between companies and a history of moving around still does not prevent them from finding work in the industry.

Is It Good To Keep Changing your Job As A Truck Driver?

It may not always be a good idea to jump around between companies frequently (unless you’re doing seasonal work, in which case this is to be expected).  While many trucking carriers will hire anyone they can insure, some of the best carriers have strict entry requirements and will prefer to see an employment history that shows a certain degree of loyalty.

Consequences of Leaving A Job Without Proper Planning?

No one should be afraid of leaving a toxic work environment; however, doing so without thinking the move through can have negative consequences.  If you have aspirations of working for a certain company or in a certain part of the industry, you should contact representatives from those organizations to see what they like to see as you prepare yourself to meet your goals.

Dave Elniski is a transportation safety professional, writer, and instructor based out of southern Alberta. Dave has worked as a driver in the flatbed segment of the industry and currently works as an Industry Advisor in Safety and Compliance with the Alberta Motor Transport Association, the AMTA. Additionally, he is a proud Canadian Armed Forces reservist.