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JUNE 6, 2022 (CONCORD, ONTARIO CANADA) – As part of their commitment to improve the representation of women in transportation, Highlight Motor Group was proud to sponsor the Women with Drive Summit, hosted by Trucking HR Canada on Thursday, June 2nd

Women with Drive is an annual event where industry leaders gather to learn and exchange recruitment and retention strategies to make careers in transportation more inviting to women. This year’s theme, Driving Diversity, focused on methods for achieving diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. 

“The representation of women in the trucking and logistics industry remains well below their representation in Canada’s workforce as a whole,” states Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada. “The Women with Drive Leadership Summit puts the issue front and center; promotes the sharing of ideas, experiences and leadership practices while providing richer perspectives on the issue.”

Highlight’s sponsorship demonstrates their advocacy for women in transportation. President and CEO Kirk Kalinitchenko comments, “Women should feel welcome to join the field and have access to the same opportunities as everyone else. We are more than happy to support events like the Women with Drive Summit that are inspiring industry-wide change.”

As an employer, Highlight has established an exemplary company culture with unbiased hiring practices for people with various backgrounds and experiences. Jody R. who has been driving for Highlight since 2017, shares her hiring experience, “They give equal opportunities to everyone. To them, it’s about your qualifications and potential – not your gender.”

With a wide range of rewarding careers available in transportation, Highlight encourages more women to apply and enjoy the many benefits this industry has to offer. Highlight driver, Larissa P., offers her insights for the next generation curious about trucking, “You get more freedom in this field than any other.” She continues, “If you have a drive for exploration, trucking is for you. With every trip there is something new and exciting where you can experience the change of seasons across North America over the span of days. It never gets old.”

This year’s Women with Drive Summit took place at the Delta Hotel Toronto Airport & Conference Centre with several panels held by transportation leaders, academics and policymakers. To learn more about Women with Drive, visit: https://truckinghr.com/event/women-with-drive-leadership-summit/ 

About Highlight Motor Group 

Highlight Motor Group is a domestic and cross border carrier with facilities in Toronto, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. They provide dry van, reefer, expedited and hazmat service by the skid and by the truckload throughout Canada and the USA. Logistics and warehousing services are also provided to their North American customer base. To discover more about Highlight Motor Group, visit www.highlightmotor.com