Healthy Trucker publicizes 10 Pound Challenge to start 2019

The Healthy Fleet 10 Pound Challenge is back. Amid the long stretches of January and February, drivers, staff, and officials from over the business will lock in to move in the direction of their weight reduction objectives to contend in the 2019 10 Pound Challenge. The initial 10 Pound Challenge in 2017 was one of Healthy Trucker’s best difficulties since starting in 2014.  Andrea Morley, nutritionist and wellbeing mentor at the organization stated: “We’ve seen amazing outcomes with this sort of weight reduction centered test, with our last one counting more than 550 pounds lost in only two months, and we’re hoping to outperform that this time.” The test is available to all fleets and organizations associated with the trucking business, and any people at those organizations are welcome to join. Andrea will lead the gathering through their weight reduction venture by giving weight reduction data, dispersing fantasies, and clearing disarray “We’ve seen incredible results with this type of weight-loss focused challenge, with our last one tallying over 550 pounds lost in just 8 weeks, and we’re looking to surpass that this time.” “The wellness world is really loud right now, so many companies are trying to promote a different diet or supplement that they claim is the ‘best,’ but all they’ve done is created confusion and overwhelm for those who want results. Forget about the paleo, keto, low-carb, no-carb, 2-shakes-a-day types of diets; this will be about eating enjoyable food, helping the body to function its best, and losing weight as a result.”  

Glenn Caldwell, v.p. of Sales for Healthy Trucker and NAL Insurance included: We know that drivers want to improve their health, but two of the biggest barriers to doing that seem to be knowledge and accountability.” He continued, “They want to know what food they should be choosing when they are in a truck stop halfway across the country, what workouts they can do beside the truck, and they need somebody to keep them motivated so they stick to it.” Any organization or individual in the trucking business are welcome to participate for the free test, with all costs secured by Healthy Trucker and NAL Insurance. In the event that you might want to get your organization included, email To join as an individual, go to