Get Your A/C Ready

Hot weather means hot cabs, and no matter how hot it is outside, a sealed cab and sleeper will be hotter when the sun is out.  If you haven’t checked your truck’s air conditioning system yet this year, give it a try sooner rather than later so that you can avoid unnecessarily unpleasant hot work days.

On most trucks, the air conditioning system is part of the defroster system and works to dehumidify air for the defroster.  So while the air conditioner may only matter for comfort during the hot months, making sure it is working properly can help with overall HVAC system efficiency yearound.

When the hottest days of summer are upon us, an A/C system can be a lifesaver.  Hot summer days when you have to sleep in your truck can be very hard on your physical and mental health.  While an A/C system may be viewed by some as a simple luxury system, heat exhaustion can become a workplace hazard for truckers who have no other escape from the heat.