Fuel island safety

Different big rigs long and local haul semi trucks standing under the eaves on the truck stop fuel station for refueling and continuation of the cargo delivery route according to the schedule

Fuel island safety is more than just fueling safely, it’s also about protecting yourself, the company’s reputation, as well as the environment. When you pull up to the pumps, take any garbage you have with you, and dispose of it in the garbage cans provided. Climbing in and out of the truck while pumping fuel is extremely dangerous, due to the build up of static electricity you will accumulate. When you’re outside at the pumps, be aware that any spilled fuel will turn the concrete very slippery. Even after you get back in the truck, some of the spilled fuel will be tracked in on your foot wear, and you could have a nasty fall getting into the truck, or possibly inside the truck.

If you’re cleaning your windows and head lights while fuelling, do not use the squeegee for anything other than cleaning the windows. Using it to clean and/or wash the fuel tanks, fairings, rims etc causes the squeegee to pick up sand and other road grime, which then makes a mess on the next driver’s windows. Once you’ve finished fuelling, pull clear of the pumps before going in to use the facilities or grab a coffee. If you’re going to be more than 5 minutes, park in the lot and go in, so as not to block the fuel island for longer than necessary.

If you do experience a fuel spill at the pumps, immediately turn the pump off, and notify the station attendant. Be aware that you and your company could be held responsible for the cost of the clean up if the spill is large enough. If it’s a small spill, the facility will have spill absorbent material. Use this to contain and clean up the spill.

In the highly unlikely event of a fire at the filler hole of the fuel tank, again turn off the pump, but do NOT, under any circumstance remove the nozzle from the tank. Chances are the attendant will have noticed the fire and activated the emergency cut off switch and notified the proper authorities, so evacuate the area as soon as possible. As a rule, diesel fuel will only burn once certain conditions are met, and a pail full of diesel will not ignite like gasoline will, but never take any chances with fire around liquid fuels.