Enginewerx Introduces ONBOARD® Clean Oil Power to Canadian Market Saving Owner-Operators Money and Extending Engine Lives

Canadian business owners hoping to improve their diesel engine performance have a good reason to be happy. Enginewerx recently announced their Canadian grand opening offering the ONBOARD® Clean Oil Power Filtration System in the country, well known for helping reduce expenses associated with heavy equipment engines.

October 30, 2017

Heavy equipment service can be a substantial drain on resources for a wide range of different Canadian industries. Enginewerx can help, recently releasing the ONBOARD® Clean Oil Power Oil Filtration System to Canada, increasing fuel economy, extending engine life and making servicing equipment much more manageable and affordable. Not surprisingly, the news has been met with enthusiasm.

“After all of the success ONBOARD® Clean Oil Power has seen in the United States we knew it was only natural to introduce this remarkable product to the Canadian market,” commented Wayne Killins, head of the company’s Canadian Distribution Centre. “This first class oil filtration system is an absolute game changer in a number of remarkable ways. Especially when it comes to efficiency and reducing costs. If you are interested in the best Bypass Oil Filters – ONBOARD® Systems, you are looking in the right place.”

According to the company, the special bypass oil filtration system has become a favorite in a number of spaces, including transportation and trucking, construction and trades, agriculture and really any other industry where diesel engines are used on a regular basis. Not only is fuel efficiency improved, but it also reduces the need for diesel particulate filter cleaning, extends the time between oil changes, reduces heavy equipment’s hydro-carbon footprint and helps create a much cleaner burning engine. ONBOARD® operates using a breakthrough two stage system that makes use a particle filter first, followed up by vacuum dehydration process that utilizes the engine itself to become a vital part of the refining process.

Enginewerx is based out of London, Ontario, Canada, where they are happy to provide services to the extended area and are actively seeking dealers and installers to join their team nationwide.

Feedback for the bypass oil filtration system has been extremely positive across the board.

Kevin S., recently said in a five star review, “It’s impossible to miss how much clearer the oil is on my bus. I’m also seeing improved fuel economy. Enginewerx is the real deal, fully recommended!”