CTOA, the New Trucking Organisation Demands Decision- Making Powers; Asks Government to end Driver Inc.

The Canada Truck Operators Association (CTOA), the newly formed body by trucking companies has demanded decision making powers from the government in addition to discontinuation of the Driver Inc. Scheme. 

Recently, a meeting of almost 1000 people from 200 carriers was organized in Brampton wherein CTOA office bearers deliberated upon various aspects of Driver Inc. Scheme which have violated the rights of a large number of drivers of trucking companies for long.  

It is noteworthy that under Driver Inc. the trucking companies register their drivers not as employees but as a corporation/contractors and hire them as an incorporated entity. This is a tax evasion practice wherein the trucking companies do not give pay checks but make payments to the corporations. By doing so, the companies deny their employees the access to rights and entitlements under the Canada Labour Code. The employees are deprived of paid sick leave, employer contributions for Employment Insurance and the Canada Pension Plan, and provincial or territorial workplace injury compensation. 

Led by Jaskaran Sandhu, the executive director of CTOA, a Brampton based lawyer, the organisation comprises of Trucking companies owned by people of diverse backgrounds. 

CTOA members also emphasized upon the need of representation of its members in the policy formation and regulations related to the trucking industry. 

Amongst other important issues, high handed attitude of the so called “high profile” legacy associations was also discussed during the meeting. 

So as to give momentum to the movement, more than two dozen municipal, provincial and federal politicians from B.C attended the meeting to extend their support. 

A legal team will extend support to CTOA to fight for the rights of drivers.