CTA Chair Approaches to Virden Responders for Supporting Stranded Truckers


risis responders and different volunteers from the group of Virden, Man. respectably went to the guide of many truck drivers a week ago after an impact of winter climate Hwy. 1 and left a hefty portion of the truckers stranded without sustenance or water for over 24 hours.

This week, CTA director Gene Orlick penned a letter to Brad Yochim, head of the volunteer fire division, and subjects of Virden who took to the interstate amid the tempest to beware of drivers and bring them sustenance and different supplies.

Orlick’s letter underneath:

In the interest of the Canadian trucking industry, I might want to extend my sincere appreciation to you, your staff and the magnificent natives of the Virden, Man. group. Our individuals are tremendously appreciative for your aggregate endeavors in giving sustenance, water and fuel to the stranded truck drivers and explorers influenced by the tempest a week ago.

There was five kilometers of trucks arranged at the street conclusion on Highway 1; and for over 24 hours, there was around 200 tractor-trailer drivers stranded with no place to go – their provisions exhausting or as of now expended. Gratefully, your area of expertise and the group of Virden ventured up to help these stranded souls.

We too are pleased Canadians, running here and there the parkways all through our incredible nation to convey key products to groups crosswise over Canada, for example, yours. It is exceptionally encouraging to know there are watchman holy messengers en route, guaranteeing the lives of our drivers are shielded from further hardships tossed at us by Mother Nature.

Thus, for the benefit of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, truck drivers and every other person influenced by the tempests, we thank the crisis responders in your area of expertise, the kind-hearted group of Virden, and everybody who endured week with their provisions, endeavors and vitality.

We in particular and wish you and yours an extremely Merry Christmas. Your endowments have not gone unnoticed. The human soul at Christmas is overpowering and your activities help me to remember how pleased it makes me to be Canadian.

Genuinely yours,

Quality Orlick,

President Orlick Transport

Executive, Canadian Trucking Alliance


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