Class 8 truck orders “higher” in May

Class 8 truck requests “scratched the base of the request cycle” in May, as indicated by FTR, coming in at a “crisp” 10,400 units. That is 29% off April numbers and down 71% year-over-year. It was the weakest month for requests since 2009. FTR reports the low request numbers show armadas are endeavoring to discover rare form spaces for 2019, as May is the last month to secure requests during the current year. “May’s low requests were reliable with it being the latest month in the current year’s cycle. The 2019 request example was pulled ahead by a quarter of a year, so May’s requests are like what you regularly would find in August. Requesting for 2020 is relied upon to start in June, with a few OEMs expected to begin taking requests for one year from now,” said Don Ake, FTR VP of business vehicles. “OEM construct rates stay at powerful dimensions. The economy and cargo development are relied upon to ease consistently, applying some descending weight on the truck showcase in the second half. Requests for the following couple of months ought to be a decent sign of armada certainty around 2020.”