Canadian Pacific & Canadian Tire Corporation in alliance situate North America’s First 60-foot Intermodal Container

The new containers will expand shipping profitability and productivity, while decreasing carbon impression
Canadian Pacific (TSX: CP, NYSE: CP) and Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (TSX:CTC, TSX:CTC.a) reported today the sending of North America’s initial 60-foot multi-purpose compartment for use by the retailer. The 60-foot container, which was created by Canadian Tire group in close cooperation with CP, will fill in as a multi-purpose answer for increment profitability and effectiveness. The expanded size – an extra seven feet from the current 53-foot compartments – enables Canadian Tire and CP to transport more items to build the volume of items sent in every holder, while decreasing transportation expenses and ozone harming greenhouse emissions.
“Canadian Tire has one of the biggest transportation arranges in the nation, moving more than 100,000 distinct sorts of items to 500 stores across the nation. Our inventory network foundation is a standout amongst the most present day in Canada, equipped for supporting development and productively dealing with the expanding number of items we transport,” said Neil McKenna, Vice-President, Transportation, Canadian Tire. This new setup will empower us to build the volume transported in every holder by 13% which at last enables us to convey more merchandise per trip, bringing about a change in support of our stores and our clients.”
CP has collaborated with Canadian Tire on innovative projects before, including the introduction of the first 53-foot intermodal container in 1994.
“At CP, we are constantly looking for ways to do our business better, safer and more efficiently in order to serve our customers and the nation’s economy,” said Jonathan Wahba, CP’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Intermodal and Grain. “In Canadian Tire we have found an innovative partner that shares our passion for customer service, sustainable transportation and safety.”
CP has been testing the 60-foot configuration for several months through a variety of ways, including using a prototype on existing 53-foot containers to mimic the new, longer container in transit.