BC Floods and Road Closures

Cars on southern BC flooded highway
Cars on a flooded city road at the rain day.

British Columbia is still grappling with recent road closures which were forced as a result of heavy rains and mudslides a week ago.  Cleanup and construction efforts are underway, and Highway 3 was briefly open before closing again due to mudslides.  For up to date information, check DriveBC.  Before entering BC, it is important for carriers and drivers to both be checking route conditions well in advance and be prepared for what could be huge delays.

Commercial truck travel in the area is extremely impacted and unable to move via traditional routes.  Even if Highway 3 becomes the first truck route to move east and west in BC, the route is challenging and requires planning to take on.  Truck drivers and carriers need to allow for extra time when traveling in this area and need to expect long delays due to heavy traffic, one-way traffic at times, and construction.

The highways that normally connect Vancouver, BC with the rest of Canada via truck are Highways 1, 3, and 5, with 5 – the Coquihalla – typically being the busiest.  Repairs efforts will be made as soon as possible, but with bridges and sections of each road washed out, getting back to normal will take a long time.

Carriers that haul into and out of Vancouver and the surrounding area will need to check route updates regularly and work with their customers to advise them of delays.  Manufacturers and shippers reliant on these trade corridors will be impacted for the foreseeable future.