Advise for drivers who enter incorrect travel information into the ArriveCAN app

Professional truck driver entering his truck long vehicle and holding thumbs up.
Professional truck driver entering his truck long vehicle and holding thumbs up.

Transport Canada reached out to colleagues at PHAC regarding the ArriveCAN issue you flagged earlier this week. Of note, they recently received a similar request from another carrier, and have contacted them to provide direct support.

For your awareness, in the event that a driver incorrectly inputs information when registering for ArriveCAN (e.g., doesn’t select that they are an exempt worker), there are a few options to resolve this issue:

  • If the driver has not yet crossed the border, and:
    • They have not submitted the information, they can simply select the “go back” arrow in the top left to make any necessary edits; or,
    • If they have already submitted their information, they may resubmit with the accurate travel information by simply selecting “mode of entry” and proceeding as usual (this will over-write the previous receipt).
  • If the driver has already crossed the border, and they incorrectly selected that their travel was for a non-essential purpose, they will be prompted to complete their quarantine reporting which will continue until the end of the requisite 14 day period, preventing further travel submissions to be completed during this time.

If this is the case, they can contact the ArriveCAN technical support team, who will clear their account and help them to develop a new application: Alternatively, while their primary account is being looked into, if the driver has a second email address, they can create a new account within ArriveCAN and submit with the correct information.

We have also been advised that CBSA and PHAC are working with industry partners to develop educational videos for drivers, which will provide further information on registering and using the ArriveCAN app. Hopefully these tools, along with the ArriveCAN troubleshooting web page, will help to mitigate these types of issues moving forward.

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