A Few Sleeper Exercises

A truck’s sleeper isn’t a very big space, but there are still some forms of exercise that can be done in the limited amount of room the sleeper offers.  The best part about exercising in the sleeper is that you are protected from bad weather and are given a reasonable amount of privacy.

Squats do not require a lot of space.  Even if you don’t have a double-bunk condo sleeper, you can likely do a few squats each day in the comfort of your truck.

Pushups can be done if you are creative.  If your wrists can tolerate it, you can even do pushups on the mattress in your bunk.Sitting bicycle kicks are another great exercise that strengthens your core.  What you do is sit on the edge of your bunk and kick your legs out in front of you, alternating between your right and left side.

If you have some small weights or resistance bands, you can add more strength training to your sleeper workout routine.  Even in such a limited space, there are options to get your heart rate up without needing access to a gym.