2nd largest load in Alberta history hits highways

Mammoet Canada is at it again, stirring factually large loads on Alberta’s highway system. This time, the carrier will be transporting a polypropylene reactor from Cessco Fabrication in Edmonton to Inter Pipeline’s Heartland Petrochemical complex in Strathcona County.

The load will be the second largest to ever hit the province’s highway network. The largest happening in early January when Mammoet moved a splinter weighing in at a whopping 820 tons and measuring 96 meters in length.

The total shipping weight of the reactor is 725,000kg. It is 48.5 meters long, about half the length of a CFL football field.

Made out of carbon steel, the reactor converts propylene into polypropylene resin, which is then kneaded into pellets.

The reactor is being transported horizontally, but will be raised once at its destination by a 430-ft., 1,600 ton ring crane. It started on 19th Feb 2019.