12 Tips to Help You Pass Roadcheck

By Matthew Meeks & Michael Foray

Truck driver checking vehicle tires and inspecting truck before ride. Transportation services.
Inspector checking vehicle tires and inspecting truck before ride. Transportation services.

Roadcheck is back and takes place May 17-19 this year across North America. Trucks that fail inspections risk being taken off the road. Get ahead of it and don’t let it happen to your trucks. Let us help you through this year’s Roadcheck with 12 tips to get through an inspection blitz.

1. Know this year’s focus; wheel ends

First thing’s first, make sure your drivers have their wheel ends in check. In the past, wheel end violations accounted for 25 percent of out-of-service violations discovered during inspections. While wheel ends are the focus this year, don’t forget there is a full inspection checklist (more on that in a minute).

2. Use Scorecards to your advantage

Powered by telematics data, Driver Scorecard provides a detailed snapshot of driver safety performance, fuel consumption, and productivity. This allows you to measure driver performance with data. And this data can be used to train and coach drivers, optimizing safety and compliance.

3. CVSA decals

If a driver does happen to get stopped for an inspection, the good news is, they can drive away with a CVSA decal (valid for 3 months) And In most cases, this decal exempts drivers from additional inspections during that time.

Note: Roadcheck inspections are similar to a standard ones that  drivers face on any given day of the year, so it’s important to be prepared for more than just wheel ends this year. Inspections cover a 37-step process where they check each part of the truck to ensure it’s running properly and safely.

4. Set your drivers up to pass effortlessly

Roadcheck is not just for trucks; it’s also to make sure the driver has all their information in order. Inspectors will look for things such as a valid CDL, vehicle inspection records, seat belt use, and much more. Checking with your drivers and reminding them of these things before the inspection blitz can help avoid hurdles and unnecessary violations.

5. Create more visibility

Offer drivers a clearer view into their routes, HOS status, and digital paperwork with the right fleet mobile app.

6. Get a One Stop Shop

With so much to maintain and keep updated for your fleet, having bundled solutions helps.

Did you know Transflo offers the number-one rated ELDs, the leading trucking mobile app, automated truck maintenance alerts, and even health-related solutions like Fit to Pass?

7. Know where to keep an eye out

Inspectors will conduct North American Standard Inspections of commercial motor vehicles and drivers at weigh stations, inspection stations, on roving patrols, and at temporary inspection sites (Source).

8. Start bypassing more

Skip the long lines by using a weigh station bypass solution. It’s a no-brainer as it saves time, money, and could help your drivers bypass some of those inspection sites in the process.

9. Increase your proactiveness

Take a preventative stance and get a jump-start on Roadcheck by having everything in order before the inspection blitz starts.

10. Use technology as protection

Using dash cameras and data logs can help protect you and your fleet when installed and used strategically.

11. Go paperless

It’s 2022; ditch the paper! At Transflo, we know paper, and the importance of taking it digital. Reduce manual paperwork processes by 97% with Intelligent Automation solutions designed to give you the best in document management.

12. Choose the right GPS

You don’t want your drivers getting lost, did you know there is truck GPS designed specifically for big rigs?

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