Truck Component Thefts Up

Truck Component Thefts Up

In recent months, there has been a string of truck component thefts in both the Saskatoon and Regina areas. Groups of thieves are targeting specific exhaust system components that contain rare earth materials and are being sold for scrap or as replacement parts. Straight trucks are regular targets but any commercial vehicle offers the opportunity for this crime to occur.

The components being targeted can cost thousands of dollars to replace and are currently on back order in many parts of the province. Not only will your company suffer a financial loss from the theft itself but could experience extended down time for the vehicle.

Prevention is key. Trucks should be parked in well lit, populated areas if compound parking is not available. Drivers are encouraged to complete frequent walk arounds on parked vehicles to ensure thefts can be reported soon after the occurrence. Incidences in some areas lead us to believe that the same trucks and fleets are targeted repeatedly.

Thefts must be reported to the city police or RCMP immediately. Law enforcement in both Regina and Saskatoon are aware of the issue but have reason to believe more thefts have occurred than have been reported to them, which does not aid in an effective investigation.

If your company has been victim to this theft, you are encouraged to report it immediately to the RCMP or local police in your area.