Stemco Introduces Trifecta Hub Assembly

Stemco Introduces Trifecta Hub Assembly
Stemco Introduces Trifecta Hub Assembly
ATLANTA, Ga. – Stemco has presented the Trifecta pre-balanced center get together, intended to convey security, execution, and certainty.The organization demonstrated it out of the blue at the Spring gatherings of the Technology and Maintenance Council. It was presented with the help of Webb Wheel, which supplies the centerpoint. Todd Anderson, leader of Stemco, went over a portion of the advantages of the new get together.
On the security front, the zip torq wheel-end clasp includes an incorporated bolting component. Establishment is simple and error confirmation, he included.
The Discover XR seal with GlideTech innovation requires no pre-lube and decreases establishment compel by half, limiting disappointment modes. The get together additionally offers “unmatched pollution assurance,” Anderson noted.
Another spacer configuration enables ointment to stream where it’s required, augmenting axle, bearing and seal life. It keeps the issue of metal wearing when the wheel goes out the street, which is an issue with conventional spacers, Anderson said.
OE suppliers will profit by less demanding establishment, and lessened establishment constrain (just 200 lb.- ft. of torque is required contrasted with 500 lb.- ft.)
With respect to certainty, Anderson said the new offering is supported by both Webb Wheel and Stemco. It has experienced in excess of 1.4 million miles of field testing, and the individual parts that make up the Trifecta have been demonstrated in genuine applications.
Stemco is tolerating pre-arranges now, with accessibility on tractor positions booked for the second quarter of 2018. It will be offered on trailers not long from now.