Somalia: ‘People are dying of hunger…there’s no water’


Mogadishu, Somalia (CNN)Fatumata Hassan sits in the opening of her ramshackle shelter. She is tired and gaunt.

Her three-year-old daughter Shankaron sits on her lap, eyes blank and scared. It is a look that is far too common in these parts.

The past days have been cruel on Fatumata and her two young children — forced to walk over 100 miles in search of food, water and sanctuary.
Only now, in Baidoa, home to a camp for displaced Somalis, does she find the smallest of solace.
“Shankaron had a fever, she cried the whole way,” Fatumata says.
“We didn’t eat this morning, we haven’t had a proper meal in ten days. We are still waiting for food.”
Fatumata’s story is shared by millions of Somalis — the country is on the edge of a catastrophic famine, according to the United Nations.


Over six million people are in need of food assistance — more than half the country’s population — according to recent figures from the UN.
But even inside the camps, food is scarce.
It has been two weeks since Noor Ibrahim fled his village to seek help at the camp.