Saskatchewan Withdraws Alberta’s License Plate Ban

Saskatchewan Withdraws Alberta's License Plate Ban
Saskatchewan Withdraws Alberta's License Plate Ban
REGINA, Sask. – The Government of Saskatchewan has backtracked on a December declaration forbidding vehicles with Alberta tags from government development destinations in its territory.
The common government finished the approach Jan. 22, saying the move was because of a facilitated commerce issue in regards to Alberta miniaturized scale brewers and expense and appropriation changes for Alberta’s art brewers.
On Dec. 6, Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure Minister David Marit said the Alberta plate boycott was because of a comparable arrangement on Saskatchewan plates on Government of Alberta work destinations.
“Saskatchewan administrators feel compelled to enroll their vehicles in Alberta on the off chance that they need to work together there,” Marit said this past December. “The present declaration just evens the odds.”


Ron Glen, CEO of the Alberta Road builders and Heavy Construction Association, said following the announcement that the policy would be problematic for the industry.
“It’s our understanding that there are already rules in place to require vehicles that are being used on a site to be re-registered after 30 days,” Glen said in a statement. “We are not aware of any complaints. The new Saskatchewan policy could be problematic for industry because it would force vehicles to be re-registered and require insurance changes for even short site visits or work.”
The Province of Alberta questioned Saskatchewan’s ban on Alberta plates on government construction sites, saying it violated free trade rules as stated in the New West Partnership Trade Agreement.