In Print – ConMet declares latest wheel end technology partnership

Consolidated Metco, Inc. (ConMet) declared Thursday it is associating with Protean Holdings Corp. (Protean Electric) to create an electric in-wheel drive system to provide hybrid-electric  solutions for the medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle markets.

“We are combining our decades’ long expertise in wheel hubs for commercial vehicles with Protean Electric’s success with drive systems for electrified passenger vehicles,” says Beto Dantas, ConMet vice president of Marketing, Innovation, and Strategy. “The result is the development of an innovative wheel end product that will provide lower life cycle costs, improved fuel economy, added torque, increased power, and better overall vehicle performance.”

“This agreement enables us to expand the market reach of our ProteanDRIVE technology into the commercial vehicle market,” saysAndrew Whitehead, Chief Commercial Officer at Protean Electric. “ConMet has the commercial vehicle market and wheel hub experience we have been looking for to help develop this solution.”

ConMet says the new in-wheel electric drive system will deliver a robust and efficient hybrid propulsion system designed for commercial trucks, tractors, and trailers. This will enable ConMet’s customers to address the continued tightening of  safety and emissions regulations, increasing demands for improved fuel efficiency, weight and drivetrain packaging optimization, and shifts in vehicle demands for long-haul and urban delivery, the company says.

In addition, the jointly developed electric wheel end system, which is compatible with existing vehicles, will provide vehicle packaging advantages, reduce complexity, and minimize drive train losses for truck, tractor, and trailer applications, the company says.