Peel Region launching off-peak delivery pilot project


The Region of Peel is propelling an off-peak delivery pilot project, to lessen congestion and enhance traffic stream amid occupied hours all through the region.

Under this pilot project, measures are to be taken to lessen travel times, decrease discharges, and offer cost and fuel savings to organizations. The project will keep running for a half year starting in September.

“The Region of Peel’s pilot is a great way for us to learn more about the potential of off-peak delivery to alleviate congestion and improve business efficiencies, while supporting the quality of life of our communities,” said Jonathan Blackham, Ontario Trucking Association director of policy and public affairs. “This is an opportunity to improve the way we do business and create efficiencies. We look forward to following the Region’s pilot initiative and support their efforts in bringing innovative strategies to alleviate congestion.”

He noted there is proof to propose off-peak delivery programs work. Amid the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, overall truck volumes diminished by 37% amid the Games. Amid the Pan-Am/Parapan-Am recreations in Toronto in 2015, 100 organizations and more than 500 collectors partook in a comparable program. An off-peak delivery program in New York City in 2009 spared members around 30% in costs, diminished normal transmission times, and decreased parking fines.

To take part in the program, contact: Elizabeth Bang, principal planner in transportation systems planning, at 905-791-7800, ext. 4694 or