Mack Trucks Highlights Successful Women in Trucking

Mack Trucks Highlights Successful Women in Trucking
Mack Trucks Highlights Successful Women in Trucking
Mack Trucks has discharged the fourth scene of its RoadLife arrangement.
The scene, titled ‘Thinking outside the box’ shares the stories of two ladies pioneering trails in the trucking business, in which ladies make up only 12 percent of the workforce.
“I never figured my life would be with trucks,” said Raquel Renda, VP of Fort Worth, Texas-based Renda Environmental, a wastewater residuals administration organization. “Be that as it may, I fell into it here in Texas, and I’ve been enamored from that point onward.”
Beginning her day around 4 a.m. every morning, Renda’s duties incorporate keeping the day in and day out activity running easily and tending to whatever pressing issues may fly up. Rather than attempting to fit the shape made by men in administration positions, she has spent her profession effectively applying her own style of maintaining the business.
“Sex shouldn’t make any difference,” Renda said. “It’s about the honesty of the work being done and the trustworthiness of the individual doing it.”
Proficient truck driver “Executioner” Bramer has taken an alternate way to achievement in the business by following her fantasies from an early age. In the wake of graduating as the best understudy – and just female – in her driving school class, she purchased a truck and put in the following three years taking in the intricate details of the street. She additionally put in quite a long while driving on visit with society artist musician Arlo Guthrie, who gave her the epithet “Executioner.”
“Being a truck driver isn’t a 9 to 5 occupation, and it’s not for everyone,” Bramer said. “I didn’t do it since I knew I was thinking outside the box, I did it since it’s my activity and I do it extremely well.”
‘Thinking outside the box’ is accessible now on and Amazon Prime Video. Also, watchers can get to RoadLife reward content on Mack Trucks’ social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.