Healthy Fleet Challenge Participants are Beating up their Goals

Healthy Fleet Challenge
LONDON, Ont. — The primary leg of 2018 Healthy Fleet Challenge is in its last weeks, and members are crushing their objectives, as per coordinators.
The primary leg of the test runs January and February, and happens in the Healthy Team application. More 20 groups and 200 members have been sharing their exercises, dinners, and more inside the application, as they work towards their objectives and climb the leaderboard.
Andrea Morley, nutritionist and wellbeing mentor at Healthy Trucker stated: “We’ve been seeing a mind boggling exertion from our members, and awesome weight reduction subsequently. We’ve been concentrating on tidying up terrible eating routine propensities and going ahead, and the members have truly made a group where they mentor and support each other; it’s been astounding to watch.”
After the main month, the standings were as per the following:
Singular Standings:
1. Ryan Woodworth, Veriha Trucking
2. Jim Manning, All-Connect Logistical Services
3. Glenn Caldwell, NAL Insurance
4. Michael Robinson, Challenger Motor Freight
5. Jackie Mozil, Arnold Bros. Transport
Organization Standings:
1. Trailer Wizards
2. Veriha Trucking
3. Arnold Bros. Transport
4. Challenger Motor Freight
5. All-Connect Logistical Services
The test will wrap up February 28th, after which the last standings and weight reduction results will be shared.
The whole test is keep running on the Healthy Team App (found in the Google and Apple stores) which enables drivers and staff to post photos of their day by day dinners and exercise.