HDT’s Top 5 Products of 2018

HDT's Top 5 Products of 2018
HDT's Top 5 Products of 2018
How would you approach picking the best new item declarations of the previous year? It’s not a simple procedure.
The ones singled out by the most editors are compressed and sent to a little gathering of armada experts to assess.
Items are assessed in three categories:
Tending to industry issues
Potential to influence an armada’s primary concern
Keeping in mind the end goal to be viewed as, an item should be economically accessible or sensibly anticipated that would be financially accessible this year. We don’t consider full vehicles. Also, we grant just a single item for each organization (joint endeavors might be considered as a different organization.) The subsequent Top 20 items are recorded in sequential order arrange by organization name. This year, a tie in armada scoring brought about really having 21 items.
The honors will be introduced amid singular services at the ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council yearly gathering in Atlanta, Georgia, toward the beginning of March and at MATS toward the finish of March.
1. Accuride Rolliant Hub System
The Accuride Rolliant Hub System was developed in response to industry demand for a more affordable hub system that was easy to install and maintain and could last the life of both trucks and trailers. Accuride says it’s the first long-life, low-maintenance hub system to come with a 10-year warranty for trailer applications and a seven-year warranty for trucks. Its patent-pending technology maintains tight wheel-bearing tolerances for safe, reliable performance, preventing premature tire wear, wheel seal failure, and premature bearing failure.
2. Ancra Cargo Security Divider and Deck Board
Ancra Cargo is offering a Security Divider and Deck Board, designed to keep freight separated and secure while in transit. The lightweight panels can be configured for use as a deck board or secure bulkhead. The high-density polyethylene panels are lighter than plywood sheets and won’t splinter. The Security Divider and Deck Board can be used with lockable E-Beams to provide a secure load divider for different load combinations. The panels have hand slots to improve ergonomics. Designed to offer both cargo theft prevention and protection from cargo damage while in transit, the dual use of the Security Divider and Deck Board offers versatility in cargo-carrying capacity, supporting double-decked loads when needed.
3. Carrier Transicold 35X
Carrier Transicold’s model 35X direct-drive unit provides an economical and environmentally friendly refrigeration option for perishable and frozen cargo in small- to medium-sized box trucks and large delivery vans. Producing up to 10,500 Btu at 35 degrees, the 35X includes an exterior-mounted condenser unit for the nose of a box truck or the roof of a van; a compressor that mounts to the truck engine; and a narrow-profile SlimLine evaporator that fits tightly to the ceiling of the cargo area, helping to maximize cargo space.
4. Cummins X12 engine
Cummins says its X12 12-liter engine, to be available this spring, will boast the highest power-to-weight ratio in the industry. Targeted at vocational, regional and weight-sensitive bulk-haul applications, it’s 600 lbs lighter than the closest 13L engine and 150 lbs lighter than the closest 11L engine, according to the company.
The X12 is a clean-slate design from the oil pan up. It was engineered to be a robust, lightweight, high-output engine using composites and advanced structural concepts to provide the needed strength without adding unnecessary weight.
5. Daimler Trucks North America Detroit DD8 engine
Aimed at vocational truck markets, the Detroit DD8 is a 7.7L in-line, 6-cylinder medium-duty engine offering 260 to 350 hp and 660 to 1050 lb.–ft. of torque. The DD8 expands on the Detroit medium-duty platform launched with the DD5. Daimler says the engine offers industry-leading fuel efficiency and maintenance intervals. The DD8 will launch with both engine and transmission power-take-off options required for many vocational applications.