Feds Shares Information on National Carbon Pricing System

Feds Shares Information on National Carbon Pricing System
Feds Shares Information on National Carbon Pricing System
The Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna and the Minister of Finance Bill Morneau discharged draft authoritative recommendations for open remark identifying with the proposed government carbon evaluating framework.
The central government intends to present the enactment for the elected carbon valuing framework after meeting on the draft authoritative proposition. Ottawa is requesting last remarks on this proposition by April 9.
The Canadian Trucking Alliance presented its underlying remarks on the government carbon evaluating framework in 2017 where it communicated concerns the proposed carbon estimating framework made developing focused issues amongst outside and local transporters by valuing carbon at heightening levels in Canada while the US rate stays at zero.
CTA likewise focused on presenting a carbon evaluating framework could make an officially oppressive framework for Canadian bearers following consistence, while maybe not driving US transporters working in Canada to agree also.
“The key questions moving forward will centre around how the carbon compliance system will be administered, what price carbon is set at compared to US markets moving forward and how the federal government and provinces plan to reinvest in green technology for our industry using the carbon fees collected,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski. “Ottawa has been very open to discussing our concerns related to the implementation of the carbon tax to date. CTA expects this open dialogue to continue.”
CTA will review this draft federal proposal over the next few months and update the industry following its board meeting in March