CVSA brake safety blitz identifies 21% out-of-service rate


OTTAWA, Ont. – During an unannounced brake safety day enforcement initiative, 79% of commercial vehicles did not have any critical item violations, while 21% were placed out-of-service for any kind of infraction.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement (CVSA) conducted the one-day blitz May 3 in Canada and the U.S., with a total of 43 jurisdictions taking part, 10 of which were in Canada.

In all, 9,524 inspections were conducted with 12% (1,146) placed out-of-service for brake-related infractions, including 391 ABS violations on trucks and tractors, 487 on trailers, 57 on buses, and a total of 723 hydraulic-braked trucks with ABS transgressions.

The next CVSA brake safety day event will take place Sept. 7. The effort is aimed at improving commercial vehicle brake safety awareness in North America, which comprises the largest portion of all out-of-service violations during roadside inspections.