Carriers require Gov’t Support for required Drug Testing Policies – OTA

Drug Testing

While contending for zero resistance requirement as Canada gets ready to legitimize cannabis, OTA president Stephen Laskowski likewise asked the administration to make it less demanding for bearers to actualize medicate testing programs for business drivers.

Addressing CBC, Laskowski underlined that the business might want to guarantee the area keeps up its stellar security record for disabled driving among business administrators.

“In Canada, of all the lethally harmed and legitimately debilitated drivers, just 0.7 for each penny were tractor trailer drivers. On a rate premise, this is around 195 for every penny lower than that of traveler vehicles and 178 for each penny lower than that of bike drivers.” Laskowski told CBC in a meeting.

While that rate is something the business ought to be pleased with – and zero resistance among transporters is now the business standard – Laskowski said any instance of debilitated driving is “unforgivable.” He said that in the wake of legitimized recreational cannabis utilize, elected and common governments need to make medication and liquor testing required for every single business driver.

“What we are saying now … is we need the governments to stand up and say we will stand beside employers and allow safety sensitive positions, like truck driving, drug and alcohol testing programs, without question, to be legal in Canada.”

He said not all companies have the means or resources to go through a human rights challenge when an employee refuses to take a drug and alcohol test, which is why we need to “allow employers, across Canada, to have the power, to manage this system. It’s good for trucking and it’s obviously good for public safety and road safety.” Laskowski added.